About Cinema Benefits

Lifestyle discounts, salary sacrifice, childcare vouchers, technology insurance... all very well, but are they really having the desired effect? It’s time to add some excitement and get people talking about the fantastic benefits package they wouldn’t live without!

A trip to the cinema is a special treat for many people, so give your staff or members an excuse to escape the day-to-day and help them stretch their budgets further by giving them access to the best discounts on cinema tickets in the UK.

Cinema vouchers are a benefit that your members and employees will not only enjoy, but one that they’ll use time and time again. In fact, research has shown that going to the cinema is the second most popular pastime, second only to going to the pub, so it really does make a great basis for a highly desirable benefits programme.

With over 380 participating cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland and new films being released every week, there really is something for everyone, which makes cinema vouchers a great way to build loyalty and improve engagement.

Filmology have worked with the biggest names in cinema for almost twenty years. We offer discounts of up to 40% off standard Box Offices prices, delivered directly into the hands of our client’s members and employees via a specially designed, fully brandable platform. If you’ve ever seen an on-pack promotion sporting a Free Cinema ticket offer then it’s likely that we’ve delivered it; in addition we supply large volumes of tickets to over 2,000 big name clients for them to use as rewards and incentives.

In a nutshell we’re Cinema experts! Who better therefore to deliver your most exciting Member or Employee Benefit than Filmology?


To learn how you could use the power of cinema as a company or membership benefit, why not call us on:

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